Field Research Experience


Organization of Excursions


03 days excursion–at the Procida Island! *Upcoming


10 days excursion–The Campi Flegrei Volcanic District and the Aeolian Islands


8 days excursion–The Campi Flegrei Volcanic District and the Procida Island


10 days excursion in Italy – The Etna and the Aeolian Islands Volcanoes

Field work and excursions

Mexico, 2013

excursion to the Paricutín and Jorullo Volcanoes

Iceland, 2005

joining the excursion of the Institut of Mineralogy of the Leibniz University, Hanover

I do field works at the Phlegrean Fields and Mt. Somma-Vesuvius Volcanoes, Mti Vulsini and Colli Albani, Italy at least 3 times every year.


Laboratory experience



  • Cold seal pressure vessels (pressurized with water or Ar, up to 850°C, 500 MPa, rapid quench)
  • Internally heated pressure vessels (pressurized with Ar and Ar-H2 gas mixtures, up to 1500°C, 700 MPa, rapid quench, Shaw membrane to control fH2 in the vessel, decompression system)

  • Piston cylinder apparatus

  • One-atmosphere furnaces with controlled oxygen fugacity

  • Atomic layer Deposition


  • Infrared Fourier transform spectrometry (FTIR)

  • Karl-Fisher titration (KFT)

  • Thermogravimetry (TGA)

  • Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy

  • Nuclear Reaction Analyses

  • Impedance-Spectroscopy

  • Carbon-Sulfur Analyzer

  • Electron microprobe, microscope

Teaching Experience



B.Geo.106, TM1, LV1: Vorlesung Petrologie, Bachelor's course (from 10.2016)

B.Geo.106, TM 2: Übung Polarisationsmikroskopie, Bachelor's course

M.Geo.244, LV 1: Mineralogisch-Petrologisches Praktikum, Master's course

2011–2013 &


Geochemisches Analysepraktikum (practical courses in analytical geochemistry)

Supervision of Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. theses








Gianmarco Buono, Ph.D. student - 2nd year (DAAD funding in coll. with Dr. L. Pappalardo, INGV-Naples)

Thilo Bißbort, Ph.D. student - 1st year (supervisor prof. S. Chakraborty, Bochum)

Max Schanofski, Ph.D. student - 1st year (Goettingen)

Monica Spagnoli master's theses (Erasmus Traineeship Program in coll. with Dr. G. Sottili, Rome)

Fabian Tapia Rodriguez master's theses (supervisor Dr. C. Cannatelli , Santiago, Chile)

Max Schanofski master's theses (supervisor Dr. B.C. Schmidt, Goettingen)

Stephan Sarner and  Daniel Wirtz bachelor's theses (supervisor Dr. B.C. Schmidt, Goettingen)


2012 - 2013

Aurora Silleni master's thesis (Erasmus Traineership Program in coll. with prof. D. Palladino, Rome)

Marius Stranghoener bachelor's theses (supervisor prof. H. Behrens, Hanover)

Franziska Adams Internship Projeck (supervisor prof. H. Behrens, Hanover)

Gabriele Macchi-Ceccarani and Simone Righi master's theses (Erasmus program in coll. with prof. D. Palladino, Rome)