Assistant Professor

Institute of Mineralogy |University of Göttingen



Dr. Sara Fanara

Born: 30.08.1978 in Rome, Italy

Institute of Mineralogy

University of Göttingen
Goldschmidtstrasse 1

37077 Goettingen

Telephone: 0551/39–33871

E-Mail: sara.fanara@geo.uni-goettingen.de

My research interests have always leaned towards the application of experimental research methods to the investigation of petrological and volcanological field observations.

I am working as Assistant Professor (Akademische Raetin) at the Institute of Mineralogy at the Georg-August University, Göttingen in the group of Prof. Webb since November 2014.

During my PhD and postdoc years, I carried out a number of experimental studies to investigate:

  • the mechanisms of diffusion of H2O species in silicate glasses and melts using the diffusion couple method and electrical conductivity measurements

  • the diffusion of alkaline and calc-alkaline elements in silicate glasses and melts

  • the characterization and selection of silicate glasses for nuclear waste disposal

  • the solubility of complex volatiles (H2O, CO2, S, Cl) in silicate melts and magmas with direct application to the Phlegrean Fields volcanic district

  • the magma storage conditions and replenishment processes

  • the magma evolution processes, focusing in particular on those regarding magma crystallization with progressive differentiation through phase equilibria experiments with direct application to the Phlegrean Field volcanic district

Since I joined the Institute of Mineralogy at the GZG, I have expanded my research fields towards:

  • the mechanisms of magma degassing, through homogeneous and heterogeneous bubbles nucleation and growth

  • the mechanisms of magma fragmentation

  • the pre-eruptive conditions at the Colli Albani volcano

  • the role of volatiles and in particular of CO2 in triggering volcanic eruptions with application to the volcanism of central Italy (Colli Albani, Mount Somma-Vesuvius, Phlegrean Fields)–Recently funded DFG grant

  • the dynamics of magma ascent using textural and geochemical investigations